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Quotes I have had many unexplained things happen to me for about 8 years now. From a cross being scratched into my back to the initials "Y.L." carved into me on two separate occasions. Recently my fiancÚ and I both witnessed the toilet paper unrolling by itself in front of our very eyes. This past event led me to contact V.I.P. A team of four members came to investigate my apartment. They were all very nice and had a great level of professionalism. They were understanding and very knowledgable. They felt the same presence that I did and we heard it say "Bernie" a couple of times on the spirit box. The team did an exorcism on the apartment and the energy in the room changed instantly. We were all able to breathe better and the apartment just felt lighter. I would recommend V.I.P. To anyone I know or someone who is perplexed as to what they are experiencing. I was very satisfied with the overall professionalism and caring showed by the V.I.P. team. Thank you again. Quotes
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Quotes residing in my home. They carefully took their time and made us feel like they were helping a member of the family. If I could, I would be a spoke person for VIP and tell the whole world just how superb they truly are. From the top and bottom of my heart, I want 2 ?Thank? VIP for their heartfelt dedication and support for my families well being. This ordeal was as real as it gets (not like the movies) this was 100% real and not at all comfortable for anyone living in our home. Thanks again VIP for your help as my home is now my home again, We thank God for those who have been given a gift to help conquer and rid outside forces from taking over people?s lives, families and homes. Yours Truly, The Joneses, Life Time Clients Quotes
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Quotes Hello to the Dynamic team of Valley Investigators of the Paranormal (VIP), If I had to sum up this group of people, I would say that their professionalism and unwavering strength to help myself and my family to cope with this outside forces was exceptional! In the past I have contacted many other paranormal groups for help, only to be turned down. I emailed VIP and the same day, they contacted me and showed concern for me and family right away. The team came to my home and listened to my story without judging even though, I thought that I was going crazy. They quickly comforted me and assured me that they were there to help us. The things that I was experiencing in my home left me bewildered, confused, and fearful for my life. After VIP conducted their investigation, their findings were right on as to what I was experiencing on a daily basis. Shortly thereafter, VIP returned to my home and performed a ?Banishing Ritual?, to rid whatever spirits that was Quotes
Yvette & Mike
Life Time Clients