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Are strange things happening in your home or business?  Are you or someone you know having the feeling of being watched or are your pets acting strange?  Perhaps objects are being moved, electronics are being disturbed or you’re hearing disembodied voices.  VIP can assist you by offering our integrity, understanding and professionalism.



 We offer our 100% Confidential Guarantee.  You personal information will never be published nor will it be provided to other paranormal groups other than those we may be working on the case with.  We treat each case with respect and that includes protecting your privacy.


How it Works 

The first step after contacting us is to conduct a thorough interview session over the phone.  This helps us to find out more about the location as well as the history of the paranormal activity.  By doing this we are better prepared when we come in to investigate and are able to focus our attention more directly on what could be the cause of the activity.  The interview process takes around 20-30 minutes and you can omit any question you don’t feel comfortable answering.

After we conduct the interview we will set up a date and time for our team to come out, talk to you in person and investigate.  The number of investigators we bring depends on the size of the location and the situation, though we try to keep it as small as possible.  We ask that on the day of the investigation there are as few people at the location as possible, pets are off to the side and children under 12 are accompanied by an adult.  This cuts down on interference and possible evidence contamination.

On the day of the investigation we will introduce all team members to each resident of the household or employee of the business.  After being shown the paranormal hotspots of the location we will do a thorough sweep with our equipment (this includes getting EMF as well as temperature readings).  After documenting our findings we will begin our investigation which typically takes between 4-6hrs but could be more or less depending on the size of the location, the reports of activity and your needs.  During the investigation we will try to capture photographic and video evidence of anything paranormal.  We will also do EVP sessions (trying to get voices on digital recorders) and try to communicate with whatever spirits or entities are present.

At the conclusion of the investigation we will gather all our equipment and prepare for the next step which is the review of evidence.  This process entails going over all audio, photographic and video recordings.  All team members present at the investigation will individually go over all their evidence and present their findings to the case manager who will compile all the information and ready it for presentation.  This process can take up to but no longer than two weeks.

After all evidence is compiled it will be presented to the person who requested the investigation, typically through email and will include a write-up summary.  We will give our suggestion on what should be done at that point based on our findings and a follow-up phone call or additional investigation will be conducted if requested.

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